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New Australia will ban public primary school students from using cell phones by jammers

Admin Posted on 2018-05-11

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The New South Wales Government of Australia announced on the 13th that from 2019, the state's public elementary schools will completely ban students from using mobile phones on campus to reduce disruption to normal classroom order and cyberbullying. Australia has purchased a large number of cell phone jammer in China for schools and even other places where students are prohibited from using their mobile phones.

According to the new rules, students are not allowed to use mobile phones during class and extracurricular activities, except for educational purposes. Private primary and secondary schools may voluntarily implement this ban in whole or in part.

NSW Governor Beregji Klein called on parents to escort their children's healthy growth and limit their use of smart devices such as mobile phones. She said that the abuse of mobile phones will cause students' anxiety, and they will be affected by bad information such as violence and pornography. The ban on mobile phones will create a better learning environment for students.

The NSW government had previously conducted a survey to assess the pros and cons of smartphones. The leading child psychologist Michael Karl Greg evaluated 14,000 questionnaires and written comments. He said that one in four students under the age of 12 in Australia had experienced cyber harassment and bullying. He suggested that students use old-fashioned mobile phones that do not have access to the Internet and have no cameras to maintain the necessary contact with their parents.

According to a survey released by ReachOut, an Australian mental health service, in 2017, nearly a quarter of the country's 14 to 25 year olds have been subjected to different forms of bullying and verbal abuse in 12 months, of which 25% occurred. Network. At the beginning of 2018, a 14-year-old girl from Australia committed suicide because she could not stand cyberbullying, which led to extensive social thinking.

Yes, not only in Australia, but in many countries around the world, the use of mobile phones by students is prohibited, and the most important measure is the installation of cell phone jammers.

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