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Information you should konw about signal jammer!!

Admin Posted on 2019-03-16

Have you heard of devices such as wireless signal jammers? Many customers do not know the function, principle and usage of the signal shielding device. The following are some relevant information about the jammer, which is very useful for customers who purchase high-performance communication suppression equipment.

The cell phone jammer transmits radio waves in the same frequency band of the smart phone, thereby achieving the purpose of interfering with the telephone communication. At this time, the telephone and the PHS are in a no-signal state, and the mobile phone user cannot use the mobile phone to make a call. It is also known as a radio wave suppression device.

When the device works, it does not interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices in its shielded area. At the same time, after leaving the shielding range, you can use the mobile phone to make calls normally, which is very simple to operate. Generally used in libraries, churches, hospitals, museums and other places that require a quiet environment. Among them, the portable jammer is cheap and convenient to carry, and is very popular among people.

The signal jammer not only prevents the mobile device from transmitting and receiving mobile signals to nearby stations, but more importantly, it can stop leaking confidential information, and the device gradually becomes routine. Many people have encountered this kind of trouble in the public places. We also have GPS jammers that not only block GSM 3G 4G handset signals, but also block GPS signals, protects personal location privacy, prevents GPS location and tracking, and protects personal security.

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