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Using military jammers in prison should konw these!!

Admin Posted on 2018-07-17

The times are developing, science and technology are advancing, and people's mobile communication technologies are rapidly increasing. 3G and 4G communication technologies are already common throughout the world. However, in areas where it is necessary to block the use of mobile phones, they operate poorly in areas such as prisons and reception centers. The installation of high-power military jammers in prisons is imminent.

The power and channel number of each base station are different, and the location of the prison is also different. advising Users not install base stations within the range of 2-300 meters from the monitoring area. If the base station is too close, the signal to the military jammer will have a strong impact.

The size, structure, and height of each prison are different. The distribution direction, power, and terrain of mobile base stations around each prison are different, and the strength of mobile phone signals transmitted from base stations is also different. When setting up a military wireless blockermust base on actual field conditions. Even in the same environment, base station signals are subject to air humidity and other factors that can cause fluctuations in signal strength.

military signal jammers

Between indoors and outdoors, the ground, building structures, etc. can have a complex impact on the signal jammer. Depending on the environment, a directional antenna is used to control the main radiating area of ​​the interfered signal using a mobile phone signal jammer with an adjustable cut-off radius.

Military jammers in prisons generally use powerful military blocker equipment. Some WiFi jammers are also installed in the surveillance area, a way to check for deactivation of devices in normal and stable operation to achieve interference effects.

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