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Tele-marketing has seriously affected our normal work and life.

Admin Posted on 2019-10-04

In the era of smart Internet, mobile phones have officially become "smart partners" in people's lives. We can not only watch videos during leisure, play games for entertainment, but also collect information at work, improve our work ability and work efficiency, and greatly optimize people's lifestyle. At the same time, mobile phone shopping and mobile phone payment are greatly convenient for people's purchase mode. It can be said that the emergence of mobile phones has changed the life of a generation.

Due to the popularity of mobile phones, the rapid development of telemarketing has been able to compete with traditional sales. After many sales calls, people’s awareness of the protection of mobile phone numbers has increased, and the leakage of mobile phone number information has continued. Even many large companies rely on selling user information for huge amounts of wealth.

The leakage of personal information not only makes people often harassed by telephone, can not get a good rest, and even causes a series of property fraud, resulting in the loss of wealth. I believe many people have faced or are facing this situation, but is there any good? The solution? We know that the security anti-virus software on the mobile phone can intercept the phone to a certain extent, but some phones can't intercept it. At this time, the cell phone signal jammer can solve these problems well.

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In the face of serious personal information disclosure, we not only need to strengthen the protection of our own information, but also learn to prevent this from happening. Internet companies have jointly tried a new technology to "smart transfer" calls to harass calls, high-frequency phones. When the number dials the user's mobile phone in the suspicious phone database, it will automatically transfer to the "and message" platform, the phone will not ring, so as not to interfere with the user.

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