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3 places where need phone jammers

Admin Posted on 2019-09-25

Typically, "jammers" (also commonly referred to as signal jammers, GPS blockers, cell phone blockers, text blockers, etc.) are designed to block illegal radio frequency transmitters , interfere with or interfere with authorized radio communications. However, the jammer is not available everywhere. Here are the three most common places to use the jamming device.

Cinema: The cinema is a place that is in desperate need of quiet. Because of the quietness, people can fully devote themselves to the movie scene and experience the feelings that the film really wants to express. However, in the middle of the movie, many people’s phones not only rang, but some people answered the phone and talked loudly as usual, and no one even stopped them. If the phone jammers used in the theater kicks it off in the second seconds of dim lighting, fans don’t have to worry about this rude move.

Restaurant: There is a tavern with a sign saying that you can't wear shorts, you can't use the phone, you can't serve it. If the customer is affecting the server to place an order because they are on a call, an additional 35% tip will be imposed on their bill. If you can, the cell jammer of the bistro should cut off this so-called customer: if your phone is so important, why not connect outside the restaurant.

Workplace: There is no doubt that in most offices, email and internet are a must, but what about mobile phones? According to one survey, only 24% of all adults working full-time or part-time work believe that mobile phones are necessary to get the job done, while 50% believe that mobile phones are not good for workplace productivity, if you place 3G 4G jammers in the workplace. Can greatly improve the efficiency of employees.

People use cell phone jammers to block mobile signal in quiet confidentiality places
It is imperative to use mobile phone jammer!