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Multi-function mobile phone signal jammer provides our error location information

Admin Posted on 2019-10-05

The application in the mobile phone software provides us with a lot of convenience, we can get the service we want according to the downloaded various applications. However, when we download and use these software, we will find one thing in common: these applications need to allow access to our location to be better used, if we do not agree, many of the services in the program are not allowed to use.And even the entire program can't be applied.

So why do they collect our location information? The most important purpose is to provide us with advertising services, which makes it easier for us to provide advertising information. In fact, many programs do not need to use our geographic location at all, but they still do so, so our location information is exposed. This violates the privacy of our location information.

We know that location information disclosure poses a security threat to us, and it may also cause some bad elements to use GPS tracking technology to achieve their illegal purposes. What if we want to use these applications well and don't want our location information to be captured and exposed?

When you need to use an application, agree to use our location information, then turn off the GPS location system, which seems to solve, but it is not. In the moment you agree, your location information has been applied by the application. Access to. Here, we introduce you to a particularly simple method of using a variety of portable cell phone signal jammer.

wireless signal blocker

The multi-function cell signal jammer not only blocks the GPS signal, hides our location information, but also blocks the mobile phone signal at a certain distance. So when we use those applications, even if we turn on the GPS signal service function, we agree to these programs to visit us. The location information, we also did not reveal their true location, because the GPS signal is blocked, the location of arrival or unavailability is wrong.

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