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What is the specific method of making a wifi signal jammer?

Lokjmn November 2022

It's like this, my roommate scolds the phone like a mentally retarded person every day when he plays games, wants to make a wifi blocker by himself, and then turns on the jammer when he reaches the finals, so happy.

jammer-mart forums

Jammer-Mart November 2022

The wifi jammer is a very complicated device, and it cannot be pieced together with some things. It is not realistic to make a wifi signal jammer by yourself, because this requires a lot of professional equipment, modules, etc. It is better to buy a cheap wifi frequency jammer directly online, and it can work when it is powered on. You can use a small handheld wifi jammer in the dormitory, turn it on for an hour at night, and your roommates will stop playing if they can’t access the Internet.