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A wifi jammer device with a smaller shielding range is required

Qikjn November 2022

Someone in the dormitory has been calling and bragging, hoping there is a way to sanction him without affecting other friends in the dormitory. He also has a stereo, and a song will be repeated for a day (really, it is a song from when he gets up at noon to before dinner), which affects others very much, hoping to block his signal.

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Jammer-Mart November 2022

What you want to express is to only block the signal of this person in the dormitory, so that his mobile phone cannot make calls, right? There is a small wifi jammer, but it is impossible to block the signal of only one person. It can block all mobile phones within two or three meters, so unless you put the jammer in front of it, and then keep other students away from him A little, otherwise, it will be affected. In addition, there is no way to block the speaker. If his speaker is connected to the mobile phone and uses the mobile data to listen to music online, it can be blocked. If it is a downloaded song, there is no way to block it. It is still necessary to communicate well first and tell him that this is too disturbing to other roommates. If the communication fails, then use a wifi signal jammer.