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How does the office block signals?

Piklo November 2022

In the office building where I worked, the signal in the whole building was not good. It was not a problem with the mobile phone, especially the closer to the window, the worse it was. What's going on?

jammer-mart forums

Jammer-Mart November 2022

If the wifi jammer is really installed in the office building, as long as it is in the area where the wifi signal jammer is placed, all mobile phones will not be able to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and surf the Internet normally. It is impossible that some mobile phones have busy tones, some mobile phones have noise, and some mobile phones can be used normally. Check to see if the Apple, ZTE, and Samsung mobile phones that your Xiaomi mobile phone told you are all SIM cards of the same operator. For example, you are all SIM cards of China Mobile. If this happens, it should be a problem with the mobile phone. Because it is impossible for the wifi signal jammer to selectively block numbers. If it is not a card under the same operator, only your card is different from others. For example, if everyone else is China Mobile and China Unicom, and yours is a telecom card, then it should be that the signal tower of the telecom near your unit building is relatively far away. Far, resulting in poor mobile phone signal.