How to effectively block the mobile network?

My roommate often plays games and calls after the lights are turned off in the middle of the night, which seriously affects sleep. I hope that software (best, others are also available) can make his mobile phone unable to connect to the Internet in the middle of the night.

Asked at 14:40 pm on November 16




There are more and more students who are still playing with their mobile phones after the lights are turned off in the school dormitory. Therefore, many schools have begun to install wifi jammer in the corridors of the dormitory for control, so that only students can communicate, but not surf the Internet. If your school has not installed it, then you can buy a small wifi signal jammer. After the lights are turned off at night if the roommate is still playing with the mobile phone, turn it on. If it becomes worse and you cannot access the Internet normally, then your roommate will not be able to play even if they want to. Of course, the premise is to communicate first. If it doesn't work, then use this method, and don't let your roommate know.

Answered at 14:45 pm on November 16



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