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Video show: Armband Portable Cell Phone Jammer Jamming GSM 3G 4G WIFI/GPS

There is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful portable jammer in the world. It combines the characteristics of many kinds of signal jammers and can be blocked all powerful cellular frequency bands. It can provide you with good privacy for any outdoor activities, because its powerful output power reaches 5W, jamming frequency range and radius range. And the jamming radius up to 20 meters. In the similar products of handheld jammer, its many advantages put it far ahead. It has become one of the most popular signal jamming devices in the jammer market.

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Comments (2)

Powerful And Portable

Boss Karan 2018-05-03

My first impression was that it was really powerful. The professional signal jammers shop provided me with a high-quality jamming device and delivered the armband for my outdoor use. I like the power and portability of it. It felt great!

Fast Shipping Logistics

Yadav Santosh 2018-06-18

This was the fastest of all my online shopping experiences. Fast delivery eliminated my expectations but the equipment was great and the functionality was stronger than I thought.

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