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Wireless Remote Control Portable Drone Blocker GPS Frequency

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Total Power : 24W
Weight: 3.5kg
Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 95mm

Product Code: EO00015US

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The high-power, remote-controlled drone jammer has a shielding radius of up to 250 meters, an efficient aluminum alloy radiator and cooling fan. Each frequency band is independent and can be adjusted from zero to maximum power. This is the latest drone blocker on the market.

The product could be used in meeting rooms, museums, factories, Banks and other places where require silence, confidentiality and information security. For hospitals, gas stations and other special use places, please conduct field test first to ensure the normal operation of equipment and instruments without interference.

Product Features: 100% safe VSWR over protection for each modular
Built-in Battery,Operating Time more than 60-90 Minutes
Good cooling system
Battery Power and charger stative display via LED screen
Small size and powerful function

Jamming Frequencies: - RC2.4G:2400-2500MHz
- RC5.8G:5725-5850MHz
- GPSL1+Glonass+BD:1560-1620MHz
- GPSL2+L5:1170-1280MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 24W,4-10W/Band
hielding Radius:30-100 meters (GPS signal for 250m) Still depends on the strength signal in given area.
Power supply:AC110-240V 50-60hz/DC27V
Build-in battery: 24V5Ah
Working Time:1.5Hours
Weight: 3.5kg
Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 95mm

Packing List: 1pc Jammer Host
1pc Battery Charger

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Best Drone Killer

Sattar Jauler 2018-07-19

Drone noise interference is indeed a very troublesome problem. There are several households who buy drones nearby. In order to prevent myself from being photographed and protect my privacy, I bought this drone jammer specially.The function is very powerful,and the packag is also beautiful , I like it very much!!!

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