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Built-in Directional 8 Bands GSM 3G 4G WIFI Bluetooth Jammer Waterproof

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Total Power: 40W
Weight: 6000g
Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 135mm

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The all-in-one 8 antenna cell phone jammer is designed to be fully waterproof for indoor and outdoor installation. Simple operation, no installation and debugging, plug in the power to work immediately, very convenient to use. High performance heat dissipation system to ensure long - term heat dissipation requirements. The installation height is best within 1.5m - 2.2m range. It is a high power signal jammer designed by our store for information sensitive areas such as prisons, factories, dormitories, army barracks, schools and examination halls. Disturbance radius can be up to 50 meters, within the scope of this, all of the GSM, 3G, 4G signal and wireless wifi signal is continuous block, completely stop all data transmission, the region with the outside world so that all mobile phone and wifi/bluetooth devices can't work.

Jamming Frequencies: - GSM : 1800 - 1990MHz / 2110 - 2170MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2170MHz
- 4G : 2345 - 2400MHz / 2620 - 2690MHz
- WIFI/Bluetooth : 2400 - 2485MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 40W
Working temperature : - 40°C - + 55°C
Operating humidity : 30% - 95%
Weight : 6kg
Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 135mm
Jamming radius: up to 50 meters(Disturbance radius depends on the signal intensity region)

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Good partner of examination room

Fendy Awilve 2018-06-18

This all-in-one waterproof mobile phone jammer is installed in our school's examination hall. Every exam can prevent students from cheating by using mobile phones.

Average rating:

Excellent waterproof

Vilevn Yinlue 2018-02-09

The waterproof property is what I need. After receiving the package, I personally tested its waterproof feature, because I needed it to help me forbid the staff to use mobile phones outdoors. It's great, thanks to the company for providing high quality products.

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