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High End Suitcase Waterproof Drone Jammer For 2.4G 5.8G GPS

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Total Power: 500W
Weight: 19kg
Dimensions: 510 x 470 x 300mm

Product Code: EO00002US

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The high power waterproof uav jammer not only can shoot down drones, but also has high power portable jammers, portable RF jammers and portable drones for fleet DDS systems. The jammer uses the most efficient and reliable drone perturbation technology and has a fully integrated broadband perturbation system.

Features: 1. It is easy to carry in the form of a trolley.
2. The weight of the whole system is 19Kg.
3. It also includes up to two selected frequencies.
4. Maximum rf output power is 500W.
5. Antenna type: omnidirectional high gain antenna (standard) applicable to all frequency bands.
6. Ac power supply (external).
7. The high power drone jammer is equipped with VSWR and temperature tamper function.
8. Continuously cover all RF frequencies from 20MHz to 6000MHz simultaneously. It would be the best solution to defend the elite motorcade and other major venues, such as military bases, major sporting events and international summits.

Other Parameters: Jamming Frequencies: 5.8GHz / 2.4G / GPS
Jamming radius : Up 1500 meters
Total power: 500 Watt
Working temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 65 ° C
Relative humidity: 30% - 95%
Weight: 19kg
Dimensions: 510 x 470 x 300mm

Customer Reviews

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Jammers For Office

Pandav Kumar 2020-07-01

Because the company's employees spend more time on mobile phones, mobile games, etc., it leads to inefficient work. I purchased and installed this device in the corner of the office. When employees could not connect to the network, they immediately saw that the employee’s output per hour increased by a factor of three. It's really a good tool for prohibiting mobile phones.

Average rating:

Mobile Internet Killer

Anmol Kuzzu 2020-06-08

Everyone is basically playing with mobile phones at the party. With it, everyone has a more pleasant conversation

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