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Handheld Portable Light Signal Drone Jammer Shield Drone Counterattack

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Total Power : 55W
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimensions: 277 x 80 x 51mm

Product Code: EO00017US

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This is one digital shield UAV countermeasures equipment,it adopts 3~4 channels of signal output (remote control 2.4G / 5.8G positioning GPS),Cut off the drone's signal and put it out of control.

After many tests, the actual counter range of this product is 350-1200 meters, counter all low flying uav remote control signals on site.Also it has no impact on the surrounding signal, such as: mobile phone communication, operator base station, car remote control, police radar and so on.

Product Features: Adopt imported chip noise generation and apply ultra-high speed sweep technology to generate various bandwidth signals
Uwb high gain integrated antenna, battery built-in design, easy to carry and operate
Aluminum shell, intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation
Effective countermeasures range is 500-1300m
Counter mode: conventional signal, frequency modulation, spread spectrum control and other full-frequency coverage speed risk control
There is a power switch and power indicator in the visible part of the jammer body, which can be directly controlled with one hand
The independently designed control switch ,control visual obstruction, drive away and forced landing of uav

Jamming Frequencies: - 2.4G
- 5.8G

Other Parameters: Total power: 55W
Operating temperature: -40℃ - +70℃
Jamming radius:350 - 1200 meters(Jamming distances vary based on signal strength, antenna and position)
Working Time:The built-in battery works for 45-70 minutes
Power Supply Mode:Internal battery DC24V/3500mA external standby battery
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimensions: 277 x 80 x 51mm

Packing List: 1pc Shield drone Jammer
1pc AC power supplier

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Very Portable

Anderson Karry 2018-09-16

The design is so light that you can hold it in one hand. The battery can last for two hours at a time, and the measured reaction distance is up to 2000 meters, which is too powerful.

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