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Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

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Weight: ≤4.5KG
Dimensions: 370x300x190mm

Product Code: EO00012US

Free ShippingOne Year Warranty2000 Meters

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As one high-power drone interception system,It mainly aims at enforcing the control of drones or models in flight. The interference range is up to 1000-2000m, and all GNSS satellite positioning signals such as GPS/ beidou/glonas/Galileo can be interfered and shielded. Meanwhile, the commonly used ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency band are interfered and shielded, forcing the remote control signal of uavs to be interrupted.

Product Features: Portable design:box-type appearance
Maximum control distance: 1000 - 2000m (covering the whole low-altitude open area)
Built-in high capacity lithium battery, can work for 120 minutes

Jamming Frequencies: - ANT1: 1560 - 1620MHZ / 10W
- ANT2: 2400 - 2486MHZ / 10W
- ANT3: 5720 - 5850MHz / 5W

Other Parameters: Shielding Range : 1000-2000 Meters
Battery working time : 120 Minutes
Weight : ≤4.5 kg
Dimensions: 370x300x190mm

Packing List: 1 * Box-type drone jammer
1 * AC charger

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Williams Hall 2019-04-12

It's a super high-end product, designed like a portable case, this idea is so novel. After receiving the product, I tested it and all the functions were normal. Overall, it's a very good product.

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