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Jammers in Mexico, Disinformation vs. Realities

However, the use of devices to mitigate the effects of signal inhibitors as a tool to reduce the risk of cargo shipments being stolen is increasing. So far there is no system or tool in Mexico that is really left out from the function to those also known as jammers, specialists point to this industry.

Could Cell Phones Be the Root of All Evil?

I have often toyed with the idea of ​​installing a cell phone jammer in my shop, but of course I am relying more and more on it for business purposes. Maybe I'm part of the problem. Cell phones are a useful tool, but I find them more and more annoying over time.

Medical examination centers in Tamil Nadu to use mobile jammers

The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University announced today in Madras High Court that it has ordered exam centers to install cell phone jammer and metal detectors as some MBBS students allegedly use cell phones to copy earlier this year.

Anti-wearable jammers in prison: technology overtaken by reality

Since 2002, the law has allowed wave jammers to be installed in prisons. According to our information, there are currently 804 devices in French prisons. Problem: The technology is often outdated compared to the development of cell phones. The Ministry of Justice has provided three million euros for the upgrade and purchase of a new generation of cell phone jammer. But on one condition.

Mess up cell phones in jail, why is it so difficult?

In the fight against the proliferation of telephones, the reopening of the health prison in Paris on January 7, 2019 is worth a test. It is the first prison to be equipped with a new portable jammer system. This technology has already been implemented and is not without its drawbacks.

National Education does not want cell phone jammers at school

After almost two months of waiting, the parliamentarian has just obtained his response from the Minister of National Education. The latter lets him know that there is no question of installing this type of device. Vincent Peillon explains that the General Inspectorate of National Education has considered the possible installation of Cell phone jammer. Result: "If this solution turns out to be a means of preventing telephone communications, there is, however, a certain reluctance of the population towards the emission of electromagnetic waves, in particular those of the" jammers ", given their effects. real or supposed about health ”.

Cellphone jammer is a kind of advanced device which prevents unauthorized recording of our video by cellphone

Cell phone jammer is a kind of advanced device that prevents unauthorized recording of our video by cell phone. It could be used in almost any type of place to protect us. It can make sure that all the cellphone is not working properly in a specific place. Another example is the cell phone jammer. Cell phone jammer can ensure your conversations are private. This type of anti-surveillance device prevents wiretapping devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by jamming the signals. White noise generators operate at a frequency that covers your audio from potential listening devices.

Anti-eavesdropping devices: TOP-5 effective devices

Recording jammer. Another device that comes in handy in the anti-spy kit arsenal will prevent the conversation from being recorded. A good example of such a device is the Chameleon UltraSonic 18GSM voice recorder jammer. The jammer emits ultrasonic radiation and blocks the voice recorder recording, so your conversation will be completely protected from outside interference.

How to stop annoying mobile communication devices while driving

With the development of technology, especially smartphones, more and more dangers for American drivers, cell phone jammers can help solve this problem.

Factory leaders use cell jammers stop workers playing phone

To be honest, getting rid of the addiction to mobile virtual networks is not as difficult as we expected, and it can be done by using cell phone jammers shield the surrounding mobile phone networks.

How to stop students from using iPhones in the classroom?

People often call or text while driving. Students are also used to communicating with mobile phones. It is necessary and urgent to use mobile phone jammers to block mobile phone networks.

How to shield the surrounding cell phone signal?

Smartphones are very popular around us, but they can become a bad thing.Cell phone jammers can block the surrounding mobile phone signals.

Cell phone signal jammer is very popular in quiet areas

In this case, it is best to actually use a reliable mobile phone signal jammer in these quiet areas, so as not to interfere with your mobile phone during your quiet and pleasant journey.

How to stop people from talking on their phone while driving?

Talking while driving is a well-known problem. Of all car accidents, 25% occur due to the use of smartphones while driving, and the use of cell phone jammers prevents mobile phone calls while driving.

Cell phones have become real street killer

Hundreds of people are killed and injured every day as a result of using a mobile phone while driving. The good news is that there is a cell phone jammers device that prevents drivers from using their phones while driving.

Use cell phone jammers to stop a company's bathroom phone

I need a high-performance cell phone jammer in the company bathroom because my employees go to the bathroom and use the phone for a long time.

Boss uses cell phone jammers to manage employee phone disable

As a boss or manager, it is difficult for you to manage employees to prohibit the use of mobile phones and improve their productivity. Mobile phone jammers provide a solution to this problem.

Retailers will benefit from cell phone jammer in stores.

In some rooms and certain events, using a mobile phone can be quite annoying. For example, movie theater operators would be happy with cell phone jammers.

Cell phone jammers to ensure a quiet living environment

If you want your quiet living environment not to be disturbed, then you absolutely need a cell phone signal jammer.

Prison: 3 million euros for new cell phone jammer

The French Ministry of Justice has just announced that new high-tech cell phone jammers will be used in French prisons, the exact cost of which has not yet been specified.

French prison monitor intercepts prisoner's confidential phone

Last month, the French Attorney General answered a parliamentary question about the currently limited use of "especially technical" signal jammers

Cell phone users' signal near the jail was disrupted

Prison authorities use cellphone jammers to control cellphone use by prisoners in high-security prisons, which is affecting cellphone services in nearby areas

Cell phone jammer installed in prison affects surrounding residents

After investigation, the jammer installed in the prison is affecting the mobile phone signals of the surrounding residents and has attracted attention.

UGC requires mobile phone jammer in test centre

The University Grants Committee (UGC) has instructed universities to strictly adhere to government guidelines while installing cell phone jammers at test centers to check the use of cheating tools.

Two Indian companies provide mobile phone jammer for test rooms

Two government companies, India Electronics Co., Ltd. (ECIL) and Ballat Electronics Co., Ltd. (BEL), have been approved to provide mobile phone jammers at the request of test supervisors to interfere with the test hall.

Cell phone jammers stop people from communicating with cell phones

The spokesman said that the use of mobile phone jammers was not intended to block anyone in the building or deprive anyone of online communication, but only for training courses that require full attention.

Ministry of Economy uses phone jammers to block phone signals

The Ministry of Economic Affairs made sense to stop the telephone signal on the grounds of uninterrupted training, ending the direct purchase of "mobile phone jammers to be installed in the Ministry of Commerce".

French prison buys new mobile phone signal jammer

Recent news indicates that some prisoners have mobile phones and use them to access the Internet, and the Justice Department has just announced that French prisons will use new high-end mobile phone jammers.

Prison: 3 million euros for high power cell phone jammer

According to AFP, seal defenders said that Thales ’new cell phone jamming device was being tested in Île-de-France.

Cell phone jammer makes your phone unusable in some locations

Police and the military can now use a new weapon: a cell phone jammer, making the phone unusable in certain areas at certain times.

Army and prisons use cell phone jammer

Imagine you are participating in a peaceful demonstration that is degenerating and trapped by a mob, but worry that you do not have an internet connection. It may be that the police used a cell phone jammer.

Cell phone jammer is used to disable the phone

If you already know what a jammer is, then you will be glad to see that one of the latest models of the technology is much better than previous models, and we will explain why.

Coffee shop uses cell phone jammer to interrupt mobile phone signal

Imagine the following situation. You are sitting in a nice restaurant and want to interrupt the mobile phone signal, you can use the mobile phone signal jammer

Cell phone jammer to disable cell phone signal area

Today, mobile users are increasing, so cellphone jammers have become common by comparing them with electronic devices to disable mobile signals in certain locations.

Cell phone jammer hold back you are asking phone from surveillance

Make sure that there is no surveillance in the room before the discussion. It is no longer limited to spy movies. It is also common in real life. The use of gsm jammers can shield its signals.

Cell phone jammer prevents people communication with each other

Americans usually buy cellphone signal jammers online, which prevent people from communicating with each other.

Mobile phone jammers not only interfere phone signals

Interference technology is not limited to mobile phone bands. There are also cell phone jammers that carry messages over wireless connection channels.