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How to stop annoying mobile communication devices while driving

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

With the development of technology, many mobile devices, especially smartphones, pose more and more dangers to American drivers. The California Long Highway Safety Association has studied about 350 scientific articles to gauge driver attention while driving a vehicle. The results can be shocking. Are you surprised when many different things distract the driver and even cause a traffic accident while driving?

cell phone blocker

The Federal Communications Commission has decided that all phone service providers-including VOiP services-should provide only GPS-enabled devices by 2018 to better locate where calls are made. According to the Courthouse News Service, it is unclear what the deadline for applications for phones that do not yet have GPS-off functionality. In the absence of GPS positioning, dialing 911 with a mobile phone requires the operator to triangulate the caller's location using the cell tower, which is not as effective as sending the GPS emergency service location information directly.

Although tens of thousands of people are tortured by other people's mobile phones on the train, they like to talk on mobile phones, and the sound is loud. Although this problem can be solved by using a cell phone jammer, few cities have taken any measures to stop this An annoying activity. Train lines in Boston have restricted people's behavior on the train during peak hours. During this time, they were not allowed to use their mobile communication devices and could only speak loudly.

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