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Retailers will benefit from cell phone jammer in stores.

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

In some rooms and certain events, using a mobile phone can be quite annoying. For example, movie theater operators would be happy with cell phone jammer. Teachers don't mind if students can't use their smartphones in class. With a mobile phone, customers in the store can quickly compare prices-so there are good reasons to negotiate prices. Retailers will benefit from cell phone signal jammers in stores.

mobile phone jammer

Check the glossary briefly online and email your math problems to your friends quickly because you don't know what to do: The principal of Salzburg High School has tricked students with a smartphone. He told the Austrian media: "Collecting phone calls does not work: they are equipped with two mobile phones, give them to grandma, and keep their smartphones."

The teacher then continued to be vigilant to ensure that the Abitur test was conducted normally during the past year. He ordered 433 MHz (315 and 868 MHz) jammers and placed them on the toilet. Unable to receive within a radius of 15 meters. But all of a sudden, two employees of the telecommunications office came to the school with the directional device, found the jammer and confiscated it.

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