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Jammers in Mexico, Disinformation vs. Realities

Admin Posted on 2020-08-27

However, the use of devices to mitigate the effects of signal inhibitors as a tool to reduce the risk of cargo shipments being stolen is increasing. So far there is no system or tool in Mexico that is really left out from the function to those also known as jammers, specialists point to this industry.

To understand how a system to combat signal jammer works, it is first necessary to define what a jammer is.

"They are electromagnetic signal generators that emulate the transmission of wireless communications. These signals travel in waves and have a frequency, amplitude, and power. Thus, jammers repeat a signal on the same frequency to match the communication. It has to reach a mobile device Let's say it creates garbage in the spectrum so that the recipient cannot receive and translate messages, "he explained.

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Therefore, various technological solutions have been developed to reduce the risk of using signal inhibitors. Data from ANERPV, the first organization of vehicle surveillance companies in the country and Latin America, showed that this year only eight companies joined the 40 companies already organized by the organization.

This is due to increased theft of transportation vehicles, which, according to SensiGuard (United States Supply Chain Intelligence Center) in Mexico, increased by 30% in the second half of the year compared to the same period last year. 2 years.

In this regard, Manuel de la Torre, general manager of Webfleet Solutions Mexico stated that unlike other countries where signal inhibitors are used to increase security or to prevent espionage, this type of technology has been copied by criminal organizations in Mexico, according to data of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System for Air Carrier Theft, a crime that accumulated eight thousand 756 cases from January to September 2019.


Manuel de la Torre explained that devices such as LBOX, developed by Webfleet Solutions, are based on pre-established protocols from the factory in which the risk parameters in which the device will circulate are standardized. "The customer decides how the device is configured so that when an unsafe area is detected, a response protocol is activated," he added.

For the President of the ANERPV, although technology is making progress, nothing can come before mobile phone jammer so far, so that crime must be attacked by the organization, prevention and coordination with the authorities and, in a certain sense, it must be emphasized that the association has the centinela- Platform, a system connected to C5, and additionally promotes the draft law to punish the unauthorized manufacture, marketing, procurement, installation, porting or operation of inhibitors.

He also cautioned against companies installing this type of device, as it is estimated that around half of the tracking devices circulating in Mexico were installed by unregulated or certified companies.

"If the senators approve the bill, it is very suitable for transportation, as jammers are the preferred tool of criminals. Without a law, we give crime all the advantages so that it can move us forward, otherwise the authorities will stop a suspicious entity and that would be enough to send them to the Public Ministry, ”added Víctor Manuel Presichi.

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