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Mobile phone jammers not only interfere phone signals

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Cell phone jammers or cell phone signal blockers only block the phone band. The radio communication of the control panel and its components will not be affected because it is transmitted on the 433 and / or 868 MHz bands. Therefore, the anti-theft device uses a cell phone jammer to prevent the phone from issuing a warning. Thieves can also disconnect the telephone line to ensure that they leave the house without an alert.

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Jammer technology is not limited to mobile phone bands. There are also signal jammers that operate on wireless connection channels that are typically used for communication between the control panel and its wireless devices. Therefore, this cell phone jammer can completely cancel the detection system of the alarm system. However, almost all current alarm systems have a self-monitoring feature that protects them from such events: if one or more detectors are not identified, the control unit alerts its owner via SMS or phone.

On Sunday, the escape of a multi-robber robber was filmed with a portable device and then played by the prisoner on the Internet. Although cell phones are barred from jail, it seems difficult for the government to prevent prisoners from owning them. The Minister of Justice announced: "Our department has established a new market that will allow full intervention in facilities starting in October, including the installation of cellphone jammers in prisons to avoid such communications."

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