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Cell phone radiation affects children's health and should stop them

Admin Posted on 2019-10-17

With the continuous advancement of human civilization, we have entered the era of rapid development of the Internet today. The development of the Internet means that people's communication is more convenient. Now the Internet has been fully integrated into our lives. In addition to driving the computer field, the development of the Internet has become a technology product that is indispensable in people's lives.

The continuous updating and replacement of mobile phones, the continuous diversification of mobile phone software, more and more people are beginning can not leave mobile phones, people can use mobile phones to communicate, work, and even shop: the elderly use mobile phones to chat with family, pass the time, enjoy the rest of the life; adults use mobile phones to work, shop, etc.; young people use mobile phones to make friends online, play games. Too many people are addicted to their cell phones.

The increasingly intelligent mobile phone makes it easy for people to use the mobile phone. Even children aged 3-4 know how to watch videos and play games on their mobile phones. The development of mobile phones has indeed brought us great convenience. There is no doubt about a lot of entertainment, but at the same time it also brings great drawbacks.

Walking on the street, we can see a lot of low-headed people. They are walking on the road, even when they cross the road, they are holding mobile phones in their hands. This will not only affect our health and vision, but also endanger public safety. In serious cases, it may lead to car accidents. There are many examples of this in reality. In China, many 3.4-year-old children hold mobile phones every day, and parents can't control them. The radiation generated by mobile phones has a great impact on children's health.

Therefore, it is very important to control the use of mobile phones for young children. Even if they can't force the mobile phone from their hands, we can block the mobile phone signal so that the mobile phone has no network, so the mobile phone becomes a useless tool. At this time, the mobile phone jammer It has played a big role.

The cell phone jammer is mainly used to shield the mobile phone signal. During its operation, all mobile phones within the interference range are in a no-signal state, the mobile phone cannot make and receive calls, and the short message cannot be sent. There are a lot of mobile phone jammers in the market, Amazon Mall, selling a variety of mobile phone jammers, the interference frequency band, the interference range is different, and its relative price is also different.

Before we decide to buy mobile interference devices, we must be aware of all our shielded mobile phone signals, such as GSM 3G 4G WIFI GPS UHF VHF, etc. 3G and 4G are networks of two eras, 4G is an improved version of 3G, the world is big Some areas are covered by 3G and 4G networks, and the 5G network era is approaching, so it is necessary to figure out the various mobile phone jammers, whether they block the same signal band as the signal band we want to block.

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