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Protect yourself with a cell signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2019-10-15

With the development of technology, we have gradually entered the era of information network. Nowadays, everyone's life is inseparable from mobile phones, computer tools and other network tools, and even almost all cars are equipped with a variety of electronic devices, however All of these devices must be connected to the network to work. There are always some black tech people living in the dark, they use advanced hacking techniques, it is easy to steal our privacy, we can use signal interference to protect ourselves, such as signal jammers.

Before using a cell signal jammer, we need to know what signals our smartphones can receive. The general 4G smartphones on the market generally receive 2G 3G 4G GSM GPS WIFI. Therefore, if we want to block these signals and then decide to purchase the jammer, we must carefully check the signal interfered with each device and its shielding radius.

There are a variety of phone jammers on the market, and the areas where each interference device is applied are also different. We can see such electronic products sold on many websites, such as portable GPS jammers, which can interfere with GPS positioning systems and shield their current location at any time. Multi-band mobile phone jammers can not only shield commonly used 2G 3G 4G mobile phone signals, but also some Can interfere with GPS WiFi signals, etc. Some devices are powerful, not only interfere with mobile phone signals, but also shield the drone system, shoot down or force the drone to return.

Cell signal jammer is an uncommon security product. Although they are restricted in many areas, they have been used and widely used in many areas of society, such as prisons/detention centers, education departments, service stations, etc.

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Where prisoners are seen in prison detention centers, the use of cell phone signal jammers can prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world via mobile phones and some electronic devices. Although mobile phones are banned in prisons, there are many media and visitors, and no one can guarantee that whether irregular electronic devices will flow into prison. Therefore, more and more prisons and detention centers are beginning to use interference products.

The education department uses interference equipment during the examination, which can prevent candidates from using some high-tech electronic products to transmit answers and search for answers, so as to maintain the examination room. The service station places mobile phone interference products and prohibits them from using the mobile phone, which can effectively avoid the use. The mobile phone generates some safety risks such as gas explosion caused by static electricity.

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