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Application scenarios and advantages of handheld drone jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-23

There are many forms of drone jammer, some are fixed on the roof of buildings, some are installed on street light poles or iron towers, and some are installed on vehicles that can be quickly transferred and used on the road. Of course, there is no shortage of them. Handheld, that is, used directly in the hand. So today we will focus on the application scenarios and main advantages of handheld drone jamming equipment.

Advantages of handheld drone jammers

The most obvious feature of the hand-held drone jammer device is its small size, slender body, lightweight, and ease to carry. Today's hand-held drone jammer equipment can usually use the host and the power supply battery as a separate structure. The weight of the host machine is controlled within 1KG, and the battery that powers it can be placed in a pocket or backpack or can be Clips directly to the waist belt of the trousers. In this way, when the user holds the drone to interfere with the host of the device, he will not feel tired because of holding it for a long time.

In order to minimize the weight of the hand-held drone jamming device, the host part generally only includes the plastic casing of the device, the built-in antenna, the signal jamming module, and the basic control circuit. When the operator finds an illegal drone intrusion, they only need to jam the front end of the portable drone jammer to the general direction of the drone, and then start the device. For the prevention of UAVs, there are usually two working modes, namely the expulsion mode and the forced landing (capture) mode of the UAV. The operator can choose the strike method of the drone according to his needs.

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Application scenarios of handheld drone signal jammer

The suitable application scenarios of handheld drone jammer include but are not limited to: sports events, large-scale mass gatherings, temporary emergency response tasks of public security special police, temporary security protection tasks, handling of emergency emergencies, order maintenance of major security incidents, etc. Wait. The hand-held drone jamming device is especially suitable for individual soldiers. It can be quickly deployed and put into use. It can be configured by multiple people and used by multiple people at the same time at the same site, thus greatly enhancing the protection against drones. Defense and strike capabilities.

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