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4 bands desktop gsm 3g 4g wifi gps signal high power cell phone jammer Adjustable

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Total power: 12 Watt
Weight: 2.3kg
Dimensions: 263 x 40 x 50mm

Product Code: EO04005US

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The 8341ca-4-kt desktop jammer has a large interference range and high output power. It can control and adjust the output power and coverage radius through a single channel. Meanwhile, it is equipped with wireless remote control, which can interfere with WiFi and GPS signals.

The fuselage and antenna of this equipment weigh 2.3 kg, the interference radius ireached 40 meters, the heat dissipation function is good that there is enough power to make the machine work continuously for 365 days. It is mainly used in examination room, meeting room, hospital, library and other places needing quiet.

Product Advantages: - Each channel of this device can be efficiently adjusted with power. The output power and coverage radius can be adjusted via the switches on the machine. And it can be controlled in a single channel
- With a wireless remote control, the operator can switch the machine at any angle. It can also interfere with GPS and Wifi signals
- The equipment is mainly AC. We have different power adapters for different countries. Therefore, it can be used globally
- Currently this device is a 5V 10A power supply. There is enough power to keep the machine working 365 days a day. The power adapter also keeps the device stable for long periods of time
- 4G Wimax :2345 - 2400MHz Or 2620 - 2690MHz
- Using efficient heat dissipation technology, the equipment can work for a long time without much heat, and is always in good working condition

Jamming Frequencies: - CDMA & GSM : 851 - 960MHz
- DCS & PHS : 1805 - 1990MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2155MHz
- 4G LTE : 725 - 770 MHz
- 4G Wimax :2345 - 2400MHz Or 2620 - 2690MHz
- WiFi : 2400 : - 2500MHz
- GPS L1 : 1570 - 1580MHz
- Lojack : 167 - 175 MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 12W
Jamming radius: Up 40 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)
Power supply: AC 110 - 240V - DC 5V / 10 - 12A
Net weight: 2.3kg
Packed weight:2.8KG
Dimensions : 263 x 140 x 50mm

Packing List: 1 * Desktop signal jammer
1 * AC power charger
4 * Antennas

Precautions: 1) When the machine works, the surface temperature of the machine is approximately 45 ° C. It is normal. If it is higher than 60 °C, please turn off the power immediately.
2) The coverage radius of the machine is determined by the field strength. Different field strength interference radii are different.
3) When the machine is working, try to place the machine in a higher position. It is recommended to be about 2 meters.
4) To avoid affecting the function of the equipment, please try to avoid placing the equipment on metal materials or metal materials.
5) In order to avoid interference with computers, laptops, TVs, audio equipment and radios, please do not place the shielding instrument near the above objects.
6) Be sure to connect the antenna before installation.
7) If the antenna is not installed improperly according to the instructions, the coverage radius will be affected. Make sure that the correct installation is followed by the power.

Customer Reviews

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Vilevn Jeredivd 2018-10-9

Fast delivery speed and high power of equipment, the most important is it can be wireless remoted control, I'm very satisfied!!

Average rating:

Good Store!!

Cakir Green 2019-04-15

After receiving the goods, I conducted functional tests on the product, such as cell phone signal interference, WiFi band interference, etc., and all functions were normal. I am satisfied with the product of this store!

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