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The latest multifunctional portable LOJACK GPS WiFi handheld jammer

The all-in-one design portable wifi jammer with nylon cover hanging or worn on the arm or belt can jam 10 frequency bands 2G 3G 4G CDMA 450Mhz LOJACK GPS Wi-Fi walkie-talkie UHF / VHF and RF signals, the interference range is 2 to 20 meters, good cooling system, internal cooling fan, and larger radiator, can work for more than (2.0+ hours) 120 minutes: The world's safest large-capacity battery, which can be recharged, is the best choice.

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The cooling system is great

Samara Knell 2020-08-25

I am very satisfied after testing the Hamming distance and the cooling system.

Satisfied Shopping

Tony Gefsion 2018-11-06

Long working time,and fast charging。after the installation I can't wait to try,all Function is complete,I am very satisfied with this shopping.

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