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Desktop Jammers Video for GSM 3G 4G WIFI GPS Frequecncies Adjustable

The high power desktop cell phone jammer with a white aluminum shell,the jammer has a high heat dissipation so that it can work for a long time continuously. it can adjustable jamming radius,jam GSM,3G,4G cellular frequencies. Others signal like GPS,WIF frequencies can be configurable in the jammers ,you can choose other combinations in our shop. It is very appropriate to keep it in the school examination room,court,meeting room etc that need to be quiet or solemn.

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Comments (2)

Good Choice!!

Angelina 2020-08-25

The product looks so special. Cool, that interests me a lot.

Lehodey Frederic

Admin 2018-05-11

The high power jammers 3G 4G CDMA device interfering with my employees' mobile phone signals, preventing them from affecting work progress through Internet browsing. A very good jammer is used in public places! Thank you! !

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