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Portable Mobile Phone Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Signal Bands

The 6-antenna portable cell phone jammer uses brand new materials, uses GSM + 3G as the basic interference signal frequency, and shields 4G, GPS and WiFi signal frequencies as needed. It has a good heat dissipation effect, which can ensure that you can work for a long time. The maximum interference radius can reach 20 meters, and it is equipped with AC charger and car charger.

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Comments (2)

Eveything is perfect

Hairster Haiss 2018-05-21

This is teh first time I buy from here and everything is perfect,the jamming distance and jamming functions of this high power jammer is powerful I like this 6 antennas jammer very much! I will come and buyt again.

Useful And Powerful

Bertrum Zake 2018-04-08

Excellent design and have the reasonable price,have two of them and both very useful. The function is so powful,i have use it and so satisfied have this excellent one!!

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