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Desktop 4 bands gsm 3g 4g wifi gps signal powerful cell phone jammer Adjustable

The desktop high power jammer that can control and adjust the output power and coverage radius through a single channel has a larger interference range and a higher output power. It is also equipped with a wireless remote control, which can interfere with WiFi and GPS signals. The interference radius reaches 40 meters, and the heat dissipation performance is good.

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Vilevn Jeredivd 2018-10-9

Fast delivery speed and high power of equipment, the most important is it can be wireless remoted control, I'm very satisfied!!

Good Store!!

Cakir Green 2019-04-15

After receiving the goods, I conducted functional tests on the product, such as cell phone signal interference, WiFi band interference, etc., and all functions were normal. I am satisfied with the product of this store!

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