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4 Bands Portable Jammers Jamming GSM 3G GPS WIFI 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz

The most popular four-antenna GSM jammer uses gold and a handheld design. For indoor and outdoor use, its main advantages are easy to carry, small size, light weight and easy to hide. Interference signal types include CDMA GSM PCS 3G WIFI GPS 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz. We provide you with 5 shielded signal combinations, such as GSM 3G GPS, WIFI GPS, GSM 3G WIFI, which have been frequently purchased by customers.

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Comments (2)

Fashion And Powerful

Rebal Azhar 2018-06-11

The golden appearance color and good heat dissipation material are the places that attract me. The diversity of portable and interfering frequencies can meet my needs. It is said to be the most popular product currently seen in many stores, but I chose this because Their reputation and product quality are good, my friend's recommendation.

High Quality Jammers

Mukul Pandyaa 2018-06-08

On the 5th day after my order was placed, the parcel arrived in my hands. I am very much looking forward to this product. After testing, the function is sufficient to meet my needs.

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