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When you heard the function of the signal jammer, did you know it? Maybe you don't know at all. Soon, if you search on the Internet, you will find that the signal blocker is used to block the signal. Like the mobile phone jammer, it is designed to cut off the mobile phone signal. The signal jammer is now designed to cut off a variety of signals at the same time, such as mobile phone signals, GPS signals and WiFi signals can all be shielded, in this article, you will understand More information about this type of signal jammer, and then have a chance to understand why the portable optional 4G WiFi GPS jammer is so versatile.

Nowadays, the signals that people want to shield are different according to the different situations people are in. The common signals that people want to shield are usually mobile phone signals, GPS signals, and sometimes WiFi signals. Now, in order to achieve this goal, the handheld signal jammer is designed with an optional button that allows you to select the signal shielding frequency band. It may be a good choice. Just here, this "portable WiFi Bluetooth GPS mobile phone jammer" will introduce you to the product. Function.

Then it's turn to look at the details of this handheld 4G GPS WiFi signal jammer. First of all, this handheld GPS Bluetooth 4G mobile phone shielding machine is designed with 6 antennas and has the ability to cut off the 3G and 4G signals of the mobile phone and the GPS L1 WiFi band signal. Therefore, even if this is a handheld signal shielding device, based on the signal strength of a given area, the shielding distance is as high as 20 meters, which is very powerful. Due to the use of multiple frequency bands and the use of optional button design, you can adjust or turn off any single frequency band of this handheld GPS Bluetooth 4G mobile phone jammer without affecting the operation of other frequency bands. In addition, this handheld multifunctional signal jammer is also equipped with a car charger.