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GPS scrambler is needed to destroy GPS signal

GPS tracker is a real-time geographic positioning system. The GPS tracker is accurate and allows you to know the location of your child, pet, employee or vehicle directly on your phone. The operation of the GPS tracker is very simple. A small geographic location application on the device is enough. You will receive the GPS tracker's geographic location coordinates instantly via SMS. You can query this data directly from your smartphone or PC.

Disrupting the GPS signal requires very little GPS scrambler energy to temporarily or completely block the GPS signal. Because the circular GPS satellites that are more than 20,000 kilometers from the surface of the earth have relatively low transmit power. Even small GPS jammer can interfere with signals with a radius of about 20 meters. This means that GPS tracking of vehicles using GPS trackers is no longer possible.

Such transmitters prevent the correct reception of radio signals (such as radio waves, TV, mobile radio or GPS signals). To this end, electromagnetic waves are emitted, which completely or partially superimpose the signals and waves of the interfered transmitter, rendering them useless. GPS disruptor can operate at the same or adjacent frequencies, so the field strength of the jammer and the nature of the interference wave are very important.

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New powerful phone WIFI GPS LOJACK UHF VHF 5G 12 line signal disruptor

New powerful mobile phone WIFI GPS LOJACK UHF VHF signal jammer, with 12 indoor antennas, adjustable 63W output power, interference maximum 60m. It can be used in meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses, etc. where silence, confidentiality and information are required.

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