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GPS anti-tracking system for car

In recent years, the development of car navigation systems has been very rapid. Not only can people choose when buying a new car navigation system, they can also install the device in an existing car, or even install a mobile satellite navigation system, drive the car and put it in the car. Since GPS satellite positioning and GPS tracking are vital to the military, for GPS satellite navigation systems, GPS map navigation scrambling devices are used to interfere with signal frequencies.

There are many designs of vehicle GPS anti-tracking systems, and each design is suitable for slightly different purposes. The first and most popular model to enter the mainstream market was the one inserted into the car's cigarette lighter, which effectively interfered with the signal within a 15-foot radius. Not enough to interfere with signals from other cars, but enough to make you fall into a silent state of GPS interference. However, other battery-powered versions can also be used and can be effective at different distances.

GPS is more and more widely used. Although the type of vehicle is air, water or land, it can still be easily tracked if GPS is installed on its board. If you don’t want to be tracked by anyone, you can buy a GPS jammer and keep it confidential. The main purpose of any GPS jammer is to block GPS tracker signals. But you should know that GPS tracker may not only be one frequency, but may be 5 frequencies. Therefore, there are different GPS blockers, each of which is designed to block various frequency bands of GPS trackers.

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Mini USB GPS Jammers U Disk Easy Carry Hidden

Mini USB GPS jammer can block GPS signals, which can help you avoid GPS tracking. The USB blocker is very convenient because it can be charged via android phones, computers, car chargers, and mobile phone chargers with its USB and Android charging interfaces.


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Adjustable Portable 2G 3G Car GPS Tracker Blocker

The mobile phone jammer only needs to be correctly connected to the antenna and powered on to work. It can interfere with signal frequency bands such as CDMA, PHS, DCS, 3G, 4G, 5G, GSM, wifi, etc. The 8341CA-4 is also called a conference security device.


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