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GPS jammers work by interrupting signals from satellites, making the device inoperable. GPS disruptors are mainly used for military purposes to confuse opposing armies, which is becoming more and more obvious in electronic warfare. GPS disruptors are mainly used by military organizations, gadget companies and government organizations. The basic purpose of GPS signal scramblers is to prevent GPS recorders from receiving satellite signals or sending signals back to their base stations. Now, any GPS you may come into contact with uses radio frequencies other than civilian ones: the frequencies used by military units are very different.

In special areas related to safety, the use of advanced technology can reduce the impact of GPS jammer. For example, in the aerospace or military fields, special antennas that only receive signals from specific directions are used. In this regard, there is always a residual risk that the GPS location will be interfered with by criminal energy, thereby rendering the anti-theft protection function ineffective or misusing the vehicle. For the logistics and transportation, trade, construction or service industries, its cars, trucks or GPS tracking equipment fleets, but monitoring such technologies is very impractical.

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