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GPS vehicle anti-tracking device

GPS is the frequency range used by navigation satellites to track the location of land, water, and aircraft on which GPS tracking devices are installed. The GPS frequency range has five frequency bands, but only three frequency bands are for civilian use-L1, L2 and L5. GPS is the most extensive tracking spectrum (developed and commonly used in the United States), but there are many other satellite navigation systems: Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, Chinese compass and Japanese QZSS. Depending on the different parts of the world you are in, you may use any of them at the same time, or even rarely use them. In this category, you will find several GPS jammers (anti-tracking devices) that will help you protect the privacy of your vehicle or any other place.

Most people who buy GPS jammer buy portable jammers. On the one hand, it is convenient for them to use it anywhere, on the other hand, it can also provide protection for their safety anytime and anywhere. The powerful desktop GPS scrambler is mainly used in other fields such as military or other large-scale activities. In 2018, the manufacture of GPS jammers was developed according to market demand, and more and more people are more portable, so that more people can buy it for their cars and protect all privacy.

As a powerful anti-tracking device, the portable GPS vehicle anti-tracking device can create a safe area 10 meters around it, which means that any objects in the area will not be detected by any GPS signals. The safe area is large enough to cover people and even large vehicles. This makes portable jammers very convenient. These devices will allow you and your vehicle to drive around without worrying about being monitored. Military jammer technology also works in the same way as civilian jammers. The principle is to block any GPS signal and make the area affected by it undetectable.

Desktop high-power jammer
8-antenna high-power desktop signal jammer intercepts GPS Lojack WIFI frequency

This handheld wireless signal jammer, in addition to shielding ordinary wifi wireless transmission, it can also block cell phone signals, CDMA, GSM, GPS and Lojack frequencies, and its interference radius can reach 30 meters. It is the most popular multi-frequency signal jamming device on the market.


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