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A GPS jammer is a transmitter designed to intentionally interfere with GPS devices and disable GPS. How to choose the right cheap GPS interrupt device? GPS jammers emit radio interference and invalidate GPS services or introduce unacceptable errors in their accuracy. If you feel that you have been tracked or do not want to disclose your personal information, then GPS scramblers will help you. In order to prevent GPS surveillance of your person, mobile phone or vehicle, the GPS signal blocker will stop tracking the signal. Keep your privacy, keep quiet, and use scrambled devices to avoid unauthorized surveillance. When you activate this type of jammer, you can display your location and personal information without worrying about GPS tracking information.

There are many designs of GPS signal scramblers, each of which is suitable for slightly different purposes. The first and most popular model to enter the mainstream market was the one inserted into the car's cigarette lighter, which effectively interfered with the signal within a 15-foot radius. Not enough to interfere with signals from other cars, but enough to make you fall into a silent state of GPS interference. However, other battery-powered versions can also be used and can be effective at different distances.

When we drive to a new place, we will definitely need a GPS device to point us out the right way. However, when GPS devices help us, it can also put us in a dangerous situation. why? Because GPS devices need to find us at work. This means that anyone can easily track us using a small GPS device. This means that all our privacy will be exposed by GPS devices. Where we are and what we are doing, everyone will be attacked by bad guys. What can we do for this? How to protect us from illegal tracking by GPS devices? GPS jammers can help us achieve this goal. A High power GPS scrambler is an electronic device that can block GPS signals, so all GPS devices in your car cannot receive or send signals, so they cannot work properly.

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Mini Vehicle Cigarette Lighter GPS Jammer


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This high-power jammer interferes with all phone frequencies including (CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, TDS, CDMA, CDMA 2000, WCDMA, 4G), radio, 2.4G (WLAN, WIFI, Bluetooth), equipped with high-quality mute Fan, the interference radius can reach 100 meters.


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