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GPS scrambler is needed more and more

More and more people are facing illegal GPS tracking, so GPS jammer blocking satellite signals can be a convenient way to prevent any spy tracking attempts to install GPS tracker signals into your car. The car jammer prevents the GPS signal from being powered by the car’s cigarette lighter. Very practical, compact device to suppress GPS signals, very suitable for all types of GPS trackers, can track any type of vehicle or vehicle movement.

GPS scrambler is very easy to establish. GPS signals are relatively weak and centered on the 1.0, 1.2, and 1.5 GHz frequencies in the microwave spectrum. Simply transmitting microwave energy near the receiver will mask the weak signal from the satellite (about 20 kilometers away) and disable the GPS device. Please note that this will not spoof the signal or cause the receiver to calculate and display an incorrect position, which may invalidate the receiver. Any properly designed GPS receiver will indicate a malfunction because there are no satellite or RAIM errors. This is a self-diagnosis and indicates that the accuracy of the GPS positioning solution cannot be guaranteed.

Regularly inspect the wheel arches and vehicles under the platform. Most GPS trackers are connected to your vehicle via magnets, so look for anything that looks incorrect. After finding the device, please contact the police immediately. But usually, the tracking device in your car can be installed by the police or national authorities. Another method is to use the GSM GPS jamming device to disable the tracking device. Since some tracking devices also have monitoring functions, GSM functions need to be protected.

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