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Legal use of GPS tracking interrupter

In many cases, it is unreasonable for the Supreme Court to conduct GPS tracking without an arrest warrant, and pointed out that all the actions of tracking the person’s vehicle are illegal without a warrant for this purpose. . All local courts have still not complied with the Supreme Court’s ruling. I think this is a huge problem for the United States, because if the country’s Supreme Court decides on something, is it a bit of a violation of domestic law?

For example, in a recent case in Iowa, an Amman Amaya was charged with drug trafficking. Iowa’s GPS jammer prevented his vehicle from being tracked, while the other 6 vehicles were tracked. It is dangerous to use tracking when the suspect is not binding.

Similar GPS tracking interrupter cases have also been submitted to the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Circuit Courts. They determined that unsafe GPS tracking was legal in this case, but the tracking was carried out without their knowledge, which is a bit wrong. reasonable. . These trips covered Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota, California, Guam and other states, Maria Islands, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. If you are being tracked by someone illegally following who is not authorized to perform this tracking task on your vehicle, there is a way to deal with the situation and stop GPS tracking without guaranteeing the safety of your car. Simply purchase a GPS jammer to solve this problem perfectly.

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