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10-way Handheld Portable Wifi Gps Gsm Multi-function Signal Jammer

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Host size: 165x97x45mm Package size: 240x250x69mm Total weight: 1.11Kg

Product Code:EOTXN10US

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Portable handheld wifi signal jammer can effectively shield (CDMA/GSM/DCS/2G/3G/4G/WIFI/GPS/Beidou GPS/5G/5.8G/VHF/UHF) and other wireless signals, and communicate with other electronic devices around and transmission without any negative impact and interference. This unit can effectively shield the above wireless signals within a radius of 5-20 meters (depending on the strength of the on-site signal)

Advantages: - It is all composed of the latest SMD components and integrated circuits, which are easy to install and use and have stable performance.
- The surface adopts the most advanced oxidation treatment in the world, adopts aluminum shell, and has good heat dissipation.
- The effective shielding distance radius is 1-15 meters, and the interference radius still depends on the signal strength of a specific area.
- There is an obvious power indicator light on the visible part of the body, and there is a separate switch control key on the side.
- Cooling fan, can be directly used for car chargers and AC chargers.
- Easy to carry and concealed, low power consumption, no damage to human body and environmental protection.

Jamming Frequencies: - 4G:700M H z
- 3G:2000MHz
- BD/GPS: 1200MHz
- CDMA:800MHz 3G:2100MHz
- GPS: 1500MHz
- GSM:900MHz
- WIFI:2400MHz
- VHF:135MHz
- DCS:1 800MHz
- 4G:2300M Hz
- UHF:470MHz
- PHS:1900MHz
- 4G:2600MHz
- 5.8G:5800.MHZ
- 5G:2600 MHZ
- 5G:3400MHz
- 5G:4800MHz

Instructions for use:

1. Take out the device and antenna, and install the antenna according to the number.
2. The antenna must be installed before the switch is turned on; the indicator light is on, that is, it is working normally.
3. The machine has a built-in battery, which can work for 2-3 hours. It can be charged by home charger or by car cigarette lighter.
4. Please fully charge the host before use, theoretically it takes 4 hours (the charging indicator will automatically change color after full).
5. Support long-term work (in the state of charging, it can be used while charging).
6. The surface aluminum alloy heat conduction setting, the body heating is a normal phenomenon.

Notice: Each independent signal can be shielded freely, and the "serial number switch on the side of the fuselage" corresponds to the "letter frequency band on the antenna" for independent control.

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easy to use

Par croll 2022-08-17

Very easy to use, the shielding range is very wide, easy to install and use, stable performance, very good heat dissipation

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