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Drone flight brings great harm forced drone landing

Admin Posted on 2019-09-29

The Director of the Civil Aviation Administration said in an interview recently that the civil drones entered a stage of rapid development. Due to the low price and different functions, most of the drones appeared on the market as an entertainment tool. However, the drones were not properly used. The hazards can be seen everywhere, such as interference with aircraft flight, huge noise pollution, etc.

It is understood that since 2015, drone enthusiasts have increased rapidly, mostly for young people and primary and middle school students, mainly for taking pictures. However, due to lack of proper guidance and management, drones frequently break into airport clearance areas. Delays caused by flights, causing major economic property losses. Although drones have indeed facilitated many aviation enthusiasts and promoted the development of agriculture and commerce in China, the harm caused by drones is also emerging. Drone jammer is an important tool to limit the flight of drones.

For general, recreational, and sporty UAV aircraft, real-time registration of UAV aircraft is used in many places. The Civil Aviation Administration said: We will establish electronic fences in the aviation control area in the future. When the drones are shipped from the factory, the data of the airport should be entered. After the electronic fence is established, the drones will not be able to enter the restricted area. For now, however, drone jammer for sale is indeed the most effective tool.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been many incidents in which the UAVs have interfered with the normal operation of the airport. Even the drones are only 50 to 70 meters away from the air passenger planes, and even the danger of entering the runway area. At present, most consumer-grade UAVs involve “Black Flying” (flights that have not been approved for registration), and the regulatory measures have had little effect. The relevant departments indicated that they can use drone

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