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People use cell phone jammers to block mobile signal in quiet confidentiality places

Admin Posted on 2019-09-19

With the widespread change and replacement of smart phones, wireless Internet has become a necessary part of people's lives. People can use mobile phones to shop, watch now reports, play games and watch movies. Without mobile phones, people are like losing their souls and can't find the right direction. In places where confidentiality is prohibited and mobile phones are prohibited, people have to use mobile phone jammers to prohibit people from using mobile phones.

A mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but the mobile phone itself is also a wiretapping device. By using high-tech eavesdropping methods, lawless elements can easily activate a mobile phone as a wiretapping tool over long distances, so that the scenes and conversations can be easily intercepted by the enemy or the cube, resulting in leaks. Phone jammers are used in many places, such as prisons, detention centers, examination rooms, gas stations, conference rooms, etc.

The use of mobile phone interference devices in prisons, detention centers and other important places can prevent the suspects from colluding with the news through the mobile phone, revealing the case, promoting the trial process of the case and protecting social security; using mobile cell jammers in the examination room can prevent the use of mobile phones as cheating tools ,ensure fair and equitable examinations; terrorists can use mobile phones to detonate mobile phone bombs, create terrorist attacks, and seriously endanger life safety. The use of mobile phone jammers can completely reduce or even avoid this situation.

Hospitals, wards, operating rooms and other precision where instruments are concentrated, mobile phone radio waves will cause more than 90% of medical instruments to be interfered to with different degrees, affecting the operation of the instrument, resulting in noise, vibration of the instrument reading needle, etc. The measurement that caused the error or damage to the instrument directly jeopardizes the life safety of the patient. Therefore, many hospitals are equipped with high power cell phone jammers.

This portable mobile phone blocker has a beautiful appearance and has a signal blocking function. The transmitting power is only 3W, and the radioactivity value is much lower than other ultra-long-range devices. It can interfere with CDMA GSM and 3G cellular network signals, and can also block such as GPS, WIFI and 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and other remote frequency common signals, the interference radius is up to 15 meters, very popular in the market.

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