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Where are the car GPS locators hidden?

Admin Posted on 2019-09-29

Front and rear bumpers: Many GPS positioning companies installed GPS locators in bumpers. First, because the bumper is concave and convex, it is suitable to install the positioner in the groove; secondly, because the wireless GPS positioner is sucked in the bumper, it is difficult to be seen, so this position is safe enough and concealed. Therefore, tracking equipment may be installed in a hidden location in your car, and all your trips are in real-time monitoring by others.

Inside the trunk: In general, the trunk of the car is large, and there are many locations that can be installed. Some drivers will put a layer of blankets in the trunk. These blankets are enough to block the GPS locator without worrying about being discovered. Moreover, the satellite signals in the trunk are relatively smooth, and will not affect the positioning effect. Next to the taillights near the box is also a good installation point.

In the spare tire: Many people will not think that there is still a GPS locator hidden in the spare tire, so it is safe to see this position. This spare tire is usually the spare tire hung at the rear of the car, not the spare tire in the trunk. Because there is too much iron in the middle of the trunk + spare tire + spare tire iron box, it will have a very big impact on the car positioner signal.

The tracking device is so advanced, small in size, and constantly monitors our position. How can we solve this problem? So big cars are always easy to put such a small device, we can't turn the car to the bottom, this time we need a GPS blocker, only need to interfere with the GPS frequency cut off the GPS signal, GPS tracker will lose its effectiveness, protect our location privacy and security.

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