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Can a wireless signal jammer completely block cell phone signals?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-23

The main function of the wireless signal jammer is to block the connection between the mobile phone and the base station, so it plays a very important role in its use. Nowadays, wireless wifi signal jammers have been widely used in various places, especially in school examinations, equipping the examination room with the most advanced means to avoid cheating. So, is the use of mobile phones in the place of wireless wifi frequency jammer completely blocked? Because the manufacturers of the wireless signal jammer are different, the ability to interfere with the signal will also be different. In addition, the chips used are also different, which will affect the range of the wireless wifi frequency jammer.

bluetooth blocker

The wireless signal jammers produced by our company generally isolate the signal through eight built-in antennas. Although the antenna of the wireless signal jammer is not exposed, its effect is no different from that of the wireless signal jammer with an external antenna, and it can effectively shield its area. If you are worried that there will be areas that cannot be covered by the shielded area of ​​use, you can measure the specific frequency band of the signal in the environment if possible, and then we can adjust the corresponding frequency band signal of the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer to satisfy the customer. Or choose a wireless signal jammer with relatively higher power. This can also meet the needs of users.

Finally, customers who need a wireless wifi signal jammer should better contact a reliable manufacturer to buy it. Poor-quality jammers not only fail to achieve the effect of on-site use, but also have no guarantee for the later maintenance of the wireless signal jammer.

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