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Prisons install wifi signal jammer to deal with cell phone fraud

Admin Posted on 2022-08-20

Romania plans to implement a system to obscure cell phone reception in prisons starting in 2015, which will limit the use and frequency of cell phones in prisons, as well as the corruption of prison staff, and the installation of wifi signal jammer and cell phone jammer in prisons.

The Romanian Prison Service is working to complete the tender in the form of technology, an important step as it will be the first in Romania. "We have to choose wisely," said Claudia bayon, head of the Romanian Prison Service.

The unauthorized use of mobile phones by detainees is at the heart of many frauds, with prisoners calling them gullible citizens and giving them false information to demand funds. One of the common patterns is to call people, pretend they are lawyers, and work with family members who have been taken away by the police and need money to convince them. send them.

Five prisoners were found in 2013 after leading an anti-computer fraud group that stole around 350,000 euros. The criminal group is said to have defrauded banking units, supermarkets and businesses.

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Some of the funds received by team members were taken to prisoners during regular visits and transferred electronically to their bank accounts. Members of the group also called the deceived and asked for prepaid calling card recharge codes and other phone prompts.

Organised crime also defrauded nine Romanian companies and an overseas financial transfer company by making false money transfers through false identities, claiming they were just a test system for the system.

Preventing detainees from using smuggled mobile phones in prisons is part of the challenge facing countries that have introduced cell phone signal jammer to the prisons they operate.

The signal jammer can effectively protect its signal range. The communication equipment near the spoiler installed in the prison is basically disconnected and has powerful functions. First, open the mobile phone detector to detect whether there is a mobile phone in the prison area. If you find that there is a mobile phone, the second step is to open the mobile phone signal blocker and wifi frequency jammer, so that the mobile phone in the prison area cannot make calls or make calls. Internet access, etc.

The powerful functions of cell phone detectors, cell phone signal jammers and wireless wifi bluetooth jammer have made the problem of cell phone fraud in the prison area well resolved.

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