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How to choose the wireless signal shielding system in the supervision place?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-23

The wireless signal jammer system is a complete system consisting of power module, power unit module, chassis, antennas with different gains and scientific design, installation and debugging technology, which can cover large-scale areas.

In recent years, prisons, detention centers and other supervision places across the country have invested funds to build wireless signal shielding systems, hoping to prevent illegal use of mobile phones, strengthen mobile phone management in places, and ensure the smooth development of supervision work. However, nationwide, the vast majority of wireless signal shielding systems vary in technology and, of course, in shielding effectiveness. In order to achieve the ideal shielding effect, how to choose a wireless wifi signal jammer?

wireless signal jammer system

In fact, the wireless wifi frequency jammer system can test the product quality and technical means on the market through many aspects. At present, the most convenient way is to search the Internet to find relevant enterprises and communicate with relevant technical personnel. They will have a preliminary understanding according to the specific needs of customers and the on-site environment, and then provide technical explanations. After understanding the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer system, you can choose several corresponding products to conduct on-site inspection and show the shielding effect. After a simple demonstration, we can see the actual operation and the actual shielding effect, so it is easy to judge which product is most suitable for the use of this unit.

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