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How to choose the prison wireless wifi signal jammer system?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-19

In recent years, with the continuous development and popularization of communication tools such as mobile phones, and the continuous improvement of the technical level of mobile communication tools, especially the promotion and application of 3G, 4G and 5G technology this year, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. The negative impact of venues is becoming more and more prominent. In prisons, detention centers, and other classified settings, all mobile communication devices are expressly prohibited, not only to prisoners but also to supervisors. If mobile phones are brought into prisons by criminals and put into use, it will bring great harm to the management and security of prisons, detention centers and other places. Some prisoners make phone calls, send text messages, obtain information, threaten witnesses with illegally smuggled mobile phones, and even form gangs to break out. To this end, the installation of cell phone wifi signal jammer in prisons and other prison premises is imminent.

At present, the power and channel of each base station are different, and the distance between each base station and the prison is also different. It is generally recommended that a base station is not required within 200 meters or 300 meters of the monitoring area where the mobile phone signal shielding system is installed. If there is a base station, it is necessary to consider the impact of a high power of shielding strong signals on the base station.

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What preparations should be made to establish a prison signal jammer system

1. Make clear the scope of the shielding area, whether it is the key area (or inside the building) in the prison area or the entire fence compound;

2. Clarify the expected planning and effect of the shielding project, including the planning funds for the entire mobile phone shielding project, whether it is to simply install shielding devices to achieve shielding effect or to carry out scientific and intelligent centralized control shielding;

3. Prepare the unit floor plan and mark the name, layout, size and floor height of each building in the prison area. At the same time, the surrounding environment of the prison should also be marked, especially the location of office areas, residential houses or social factories and enterprises within a few hundred meters around the fence;

4. Divide key shielding areas, non-key shielding areas and areas that do not need to be shielded;

5. Understand the distribution of base stations around the prison (orientation and affiliated communication companies)

6. Be prepared for dealers or manufacturers of mobile phone shielding system construction projects to conduct on-site investigation and testing

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional scheme of only installing the wifi frequency jammer and the intelligent management system of the prison mobile phone shielding network

For the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer of a prison or supervision area, whether it is the method of using low-power jammer for cellular distribution, or the scheme of using high-power mobile phone jammer as the main and low-power isolators to supplement the blind area, the entire prison area will be shielded. A number of mobile phone signal shielding points will be installed. For these shielding points, it is not necessary to install and start the test to achieve the shielding effect to count as the successful completion of the project. How to ensure that these mobile phone signal shielding points will be normal and stable in the future. The operation of the mobile phone is the key to the entire mobile phone signal blocking project!

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