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In the era of drones, be ready to deal with the challenge of drone black flight

Admin Posted on 2022-09-20

With the increasing popularity of drones in different fields, it is gradually becoming an important tool in people's daily life. It can spray pesticides on crops, deliver food and medical supplies, monitor natural disasters, and assist in power inspections. However, there was also bad news with it - drones interfered with the normal flight of passenger planes, and even reports of air safety accidents were not uncommon. In view of the huge commercial value of UAVs, their standardized use has become an important issue. As early as September this year, a Bloomberg article pointed out that people should be prepared for many security challenges in the era of drones. Jammer mart has been concentrating on the research of drone jammer solutions to ensure the safety of UAVs in the low-altitude field.

Technology itself is neither good nor evil. Earlier this year, Forbes quoted Huffington Post blogger Daniel Bruce as saying that technology can either give you cancer or cure it. So it doesn't matter if the technology is good or bad, it's what the user decides to do with it. In the case of drones, the first thing we can do is make sure the drones are at least up to safety standards.

The first drone safety standards have been published, Tech Xplore reported on Nov. 24. This standard is a global standard, and the draft standard is formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Charlotte Gee, the author of MIT Technology Review, believes that the move is not only to maintain safety but also to ensure that drone operators are held accountable. The topics of the draft standard cover a broad spectrum involving the use of drones. The draft is open for public consultation until Jan. 21, Ji said. The standards are expected to be adopted globally later next year.

The contents of the draft mainly include:

(1) Establish a "no-fly zone" to keep drones at the necessary distance from airports or sensitive locations;

(2) Use "geo-fencing" technology in controlled areas to prevent the use of drones;

(3) Properly keep flight records, train drone users, and conduct regular maintenance on drones;

(4) Attach importance to privacy and data protection;

(5) Manual intervention for UAV failure.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Matthew Field said the standards would urge operators to ensure that drone hardware and software are kept up to date.

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Those worried about the safety of drones can breathe a sigh of relief. The draft released on Thursday is just the beginning of the implementation of the drone standard - Ji said, and there are three sets of drafts that will focus on drone anti-jammer research technology, More in-depth specifications such as manufacturing quality, and traffic management. The government will also impose higher requirements on drone users. For example, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority requires users of drones weighing more than 250 grams to undergo rigorous online safety tests or face a £1,000 fine.

There is no doubt that this beginning will become a new trend in global drone control. As a leading enterprise in the field of low-altitude security in China, it believes that corresponding drone control methods must be deployed in sensitive airspace to fundamentally resist foreign suspicious and unsafe drones. Human-machine invasion.

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