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Drone jammer combined with low-altitude surveillance

Admin Posted on 2022-09-20

With the widespread use of drones in various fields, drone jammer has gradually entered people's field of vision.

Anti-drone jammer technology is mainly divided into three categories, one is interference blocking, which is mainly achieved through signal interference, sound wave interference, and other technologies; the other is direct destruction, including the use of bullets, laser weapons, missiles, and drones. The third is monitoring and control, which is mainly realized by hijacking radio control.

The advantages of the drone jammer system solution are as follows:

1. Target recognition technology: Combined with customized small phased array radar and photoelectric detection devices, combined with machine learning-based hybrid target recognition technology, to achieve detection, recognition, and tracking of long-distance low-altitude targets. In this way, the countermeasure equipment can be guided to counteract low, small, and slow targets, such as drones.

2. Three-dimensional spatiotemporal data: Provide three-dimensional map data, and three-dimensional models of buildings in national air routes, clearance areas, no-fly zones, and key urban areas, so as to understand the environment in the monitoring range and surrounding areas in real-time.

3. Multi-modal linkage deployment and control: fixedly installed jamming devices - establish a prevention and control network in key areas to provide fixed-point prevention and control; mobile installed jamming devices - mobile targets (such as fleets) provide low-altitude target prevention and control; portable jamming devices ——Flexible, portable and efficient, effectively extending the protection area and improving the prevention and control capabilities.

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The drone jammer device system will effectively combine the monitoring, identification, countermeasures, and recording of low, small, and slow targets, and adopt efficient and practical technical means to achieve effective control of government agencies, borders, and the military The protection of key areas such as heavy ground to deal with the threat posed by the increasing number of small drones. The system is based on customized phased array radar and photoelectric detection devices, combined with three-dimensional space-time data, to provide a low-altitude comprehensive monitoring system for key areas; linked deployment of fixed installation, mobile installation, and portable directional and omnidirectional radio interference devices to form a systematic and systematic The focus group and low-altitude surveillance and UAV countermeasure capabilities.

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