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The application fields of drone jammers are getting wider and wider

Admin Posted on 2022-09-07

With the rapid development of drone jammer technology and its wide application, society attaches great importance to the research on countermeasures against UAVs, and actively explores and implements various measures to ensure that the safety of domestic airspace is not troubled and threatened by UAVs.

Nowadays, the drone countermeasure industry is more and more familiar to more and more people, and its application fields are also very broad. Whether it is airports, military bases, nuclear power plants, oil depots, prisons, public security, troops and other fields, there are problems with drones flying black.
The anti-UAV system is a low-altitude defense control system for UAVs. It realizes real-time detection and discovery of long-distance UAVs through the active discovery method of radar, obtains high-precision positioning information of UAVs, and then uses optoelectronic devices to detect and discover UAVs in real time. The linkage intervention realizes the confirmation, identification, locking, tracking and evidence collection of the target. After the suspicious drone is confirmed through the drone countermeasure system, the jamming device can automatically/manually deal with the suspicious drone quickly and effectively to achieve countermeasures such as forced landing and return.

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With the continuous innovation and development of UAV technology and its wide application, to deal with the more complex and severe situation that UAVs will face, we must pay close attention to the development and changes in UAV technical warfare performance, application ideas, and application methods, and continue to Increase research and practice efforts, and strive to find pragmatic countermeasures, so as to quickly and effectively deal with various UAV problems in future operations, and continuously innovate drone jamming technology.

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