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Building drone jammer detection and countermeasure system solution

Admin Posted on 2022-09-07

According to the environmental characteristics of the building, one "UAV detection host" is arranged at the commanding height of the building or in the direction of the selected key height (a small amount of infrared light is added to fill the blindness according to the actual installation situation), which can achieve full coverage detection of the space surrounding the building; "Infrared blindness sensor" is arranged in the roof

It can fill the blind detection of the upward space on the roof of the building, and finally form the detection coverage of the entire three-dimensional space around the building. The maximum detection distance is 10,000 meters, which can effectively detect sudden micro-UAVs. Two multi-mode countermeasure guns are arranged on the roof of the building, which can realize automatic integrated drone countermeasures against the whole airspace.

The drone jammer can also be carried by patrol personnel or security personnel, receive detection and guidance information in real time, and manually interfere with the drone. Distributed main sensors, make-up sensors, and counter-guns are collected through the network to the monitoring and command center server. The monitoring and command center is arranged at any position inside the building. The minimum configuration is two high-performance service computers and two screens.

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The workflow of the UAV detection and countermeasure system is as follows: Distributed fusion sensor network discovers UAVs—Server intelligently analyzes and identifies whether there is a threat—Monitoring command center alarms and automatically dispatches the nearest camera to aim at the invading UAV— The surveillance personnel reviewed the video—issued a counter-command—the drone gun jammer closest to the invading UAV was automatically aimed to interfere.

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